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Love Me Lotion

Love Me Lotion

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Formulated to help you ATTRACT WHAT YOU LOVE including that special someone, or the things you want, with with essential oils that promote Pheromones (The LOVE SIGNALS) in a cream base of Organic Jojoba and Aloe with the powerful Essential oils:
Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Frankincense & Patchouli

Love Me body lotion was designed to to help energize you and help you feel lovely all day! It has the one of the loveliest scents that men love and women feel pretty wearing. Specifically formulated to help you attract what you are looking for, whether this is with the person you love, your next business deal, or that “someone special” with the essential oils. Love Me cream can be used as every day wonderful smelling cream that highly moisturizes and leaves your skin smelling beautiful or on a special date to attract the one you are with.

Essential oils:
Rose - symbol of love, opens the heart, attracts love signals towards you
Geranium - elevates the emotions of love and happiness
Jasmine - increases your attractiveness to others
Frankincense - natural protector, and increasing luck, uplifting mood and healing to the skin
Patchouli - energetically helps how we relate to others, attracts wealth and prosperity

Directions: Use on your arms and upper legs initially, followed by full body as desired daily. Also great to use as a cream on hands and neck prior to a meeting or date!