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Labs in a Box

Labs in a Box

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Hormone imbalances are becoming an epidemic in men, women and teens. Harmful foods, body products, drinks filled with artificial ingredients, antibiotics and toxic stress are creating erratic levels of stress hormones. Environmental pollutants and weight gain also contribute to hormone imbalances. This leads to a myriad of symptoms such as belly fat, exhaustion, low sexual drive and function, memory and concentration issues, loss of enthusiasm, depression, anxiety and sleeplessness. Hormone changes affect both men and women, and when properly balanced it can lead to the relief of hundreds of symptoms and long-term health consequences.

Most medical professionals are not trained in this field of medicine, which leads to frustration in finding someone that can give you the right testing and direction. Evaluating all hormone levels and balancing to an optimal range can quickly turn around many areas of your life including strained relationships (overall emotional, mental and physical symptoms) and help to reverse medical issues that are quickly progressing. Why take one more prescription and suffer one more year with nagging symptoms? Order a testing kit to get balanced and age way you were meant to!

Testing Kit includes:
  • Complete female or male hormone panel
  • Full Thyroid panel
  • Adrenal – testing stress hormone levels
  • Once testing is completed, you will receive a personalized analysis on a treatment plan, diet plan, specific supplements, stress reduction strategies and hormone intervention that is specific to your own results. Testing is done at a designated local lab close to your home.
It’s Just That Simple!….

Every day my patients say they have asked their doctors to test their hormones; only to find out that they were denied, or told that it was useless. If you have been told this, please disregard it – I know you know better! The medical testing of hormones has been available for 60 years and is paramount in identifying underlying causes of depression, irregular periods, PMS, menopausal symptoms, loss of sex drive, lack of memory, and sleeplessness for men and women. This little kit is power packed with testing for the thyroid, adrenals, and male/female hormones, and can literally make the difference in your life between feeling great and suffering with nagging symptoms that never seem to end. I would not be able to balance my patients to the point of being symptom-free without this testing!
-Nisha Jackson, Balance Docs Formulator - Heath and Hormones Expert