Sugar Detox Bundle
Sugar Detox Bundle

Sugar Detox Bundle

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In addition to the nutrient-dense whole foods recommended in OnePeak Medical's 30-Day Sugar Detox (make an appointment with a OnePeak Medical Fitness & Nutrition Adviser to learn more. Covered by most insurance), we also recommend the following supplements to aid and enhance your sugar detox program. 

These supplements will help balance your blood sugar and mood, increase your energy and fill in any nutritional gaps that your food is not providing. This is important
because the unfortunate truth is despite the best of diets, regardless of how varied, you might still be missing out on some key nutrients.

  • L-Glutamine - POWERHOUSE AMINO ACID! This amino acid helps to heal the lining of the gut, boost and support your immune system, helps the body build and maintain lean muscle tissue AND balance blood sugar! We recommend you take 1,000 mg in the morning and evening. Other ways to take this supplement that will help with sugar cravings and blood sugar balance include: Opening up a capsule into your water bottle and sipping on it all day long or putting some of the powder under your tongue in the moment of an intense sugar craving. If used under the tongue (sublingual), it will have an almost immediate lingual neural effect that calms the craving in your brain!
  • Chromium Picolinate - Essential dietary nutrient that aids in blood-glucose control, increased energy production, appetite regulation, and improved mood. Take with L-glutamine in the morning.
  • Mood - If you struggle with mood regulation, consider taking the BalanceDocs Mood supplement. It contains neurotransmitters 5-HTP and GABA that help elevate the mood and calm the body/mind.
  • Craving - This is an excellent Balance Docs supplement for those who struggle with sugar/simple carbohydrate cravings. It contains the amino acid L-phenylalanine that sends a signal to the brain that calms the craving. Take this supplement twice daily in the morning and mid-afternoon or at the time of day that you feel most susceptible to cravings.
  • GABA - If you struggle specifically with anxiety or cannot get to sleep because you cannot quiet your mind, this is a great amino acid supplement for you. Take this when you are feeling anxious or before bed. It will help to calm your body and your mind.
  • Vitamin C - Most people benefit from daily consumption of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps reduce stress, boosts immunity, aids in growth and repair of tissues, combats free radicals in the body, improves iron absorption, reduces inflammation, boosts mood, enhances hair growth, and aids in wound repair. Yes, please!
  • Vitamin D3 - Most people are deficient in this crucial nutrient. Sufficient Vitamin D in your system contributes to good bone health, helps manage blood sugar levels, protects against cancer, combats heart disease, boosts the immune system, facilitates hormone regulation, and improves mood, concentration, learning, and memory.
  • Vitamin B Complex - This is another vitamin our body needs and that we are often deficient in. Taking a good B-complex aids in food metabolization/digestion, nervous system regulation, promotion of healthy skin and muscle tissue, creation of serotonin, promotion of mental acuteness, weight loss, healthy vision, and the production of red blood cells. It also aids in appetite regulation, boosting energy, activating sexual response, and promoting heart health.
  • Magnesium - Taking magnesium before bed can calm the body, lower cortisol (our stress hormone) and help you sleep better. It also relieves pain, lowers your risk of diabetes, protects the brain, improves mood, relieves stress, supports healthy teeth and bones, aids in proper heart function, reduces PMS and muscle tension.