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Weight Loss Starter Bundle

Weight Loss Starter Bundle

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Along with a healthy diet and exercise plan, the Weight Loss Starter Bundle can offer support by:

  • Reducing cravings and appetite
  • Help with mood
  • Aid in better sleep
  • Increase metabolism to burn fat
  • Help with detox and liver function

This bundle includes one (1) bottle of Liposlim and one (1) 7 Daily Metabolism Packet.


Liposlim is a great product if you are looking to lose weight or if you are currently on a weight loss program and want to accelerate your weight loss! Liposlim contains a unique combination of vitamins that work synergistically to help combat stress and weight gain. Although these vitamins are available in a wide variety of foods, they are light and heat sensitive and are depleted with poor food storage and overcooking – consequently, this vitamin group needs daily replenishing.


7 Daily Metabolism Packet

Just the right vitamins to help you reach your weight loss goals. Formulated into daily packets for convenience. 


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